Important information

  • Deadline for uploading your e-Poster is:  June 1, 2021, 24:00 hrs CEST
  • All e-Poster presentations need to be uploaded to the VIRTUAL CONFERENCE PLATFORM.
  • Please note that you will only be able to upload your e-Poster to the virtual conference platform if you have registered and paid the registration fee.
  • If the presenting author of the abstract fails to register and upload the e-Poster, the abstract will not be published in the electronic supplement of the European Journal of Human Genetics.
  • If you are unable to prepare and upload your e-Poster, please contact us to officially withdraw from your presentation. Authors who do not notify their cancellation ahead of the meeting and fail to present their e-Poster, will be banned from presenting an abstract at the ESHG 2022.
  • To change the presenting author, please nominate a co-author (who is not presenter of another abstract already) and provide us with the following information:
          • Full name of new presenting author
          • Personal e-mail address of the new presenting author
          • Information on whether the new presenting author has already registered for the conference

Schedule for display

All e-Posters will be on display for registered participants from the start of the conference until September 1, 2021.

e-Poster Viewing with Authors

During the “e-Poster Viewing with Authors”, participants will have the opportunity to interact and discuss directly with the e-Poster authors through an interactive chat located on the respective e-Poster page.

Depending on your poster presentation number, the chat will be enabled in one of the following group slots:

  • e-Poster Group A: 14.45 – 15.30 hrs CEST on Saturday, June 12 for posters with numbers ending with “A” (e.g. P01.01.A)
  • e-Poster Group B: 15.00 – 15.45 hrs CEST on Sunday, June 13 for posters with numbers ending with “B” (e.g. P01.02.B)
  • e-Poster Group C: 13.00 – 13.45 hrs CEST on Monday, June 14 for posters with numbers ending with “C” (e.g. P01.03.C)
  • e-Poster Group D: 11.45 – 12.30 hrs CEST on Tuesday, June 15 for posters with numbers ending with “D” (e.g. P01.04.D)
    Attention: The poster number refers to your final e-Poster number – not the abstract control number!

How to upload your presentation

  • All presentations need to be uploaded to the VIRTUAL CONFERENCE PLATFORM.
  • To access the virtual conference platform, please use the same login credentials as for your conference registration (email and password). If you do not remember your password please use the forgot password option.
  • Please note you will only be able to upload your presentation on the virtual platform if:
    • you registered through the personal link that the ESHG conference office has sent to you OR
    • you registered through the conference website with the same email address you used for abstract submission.
      Note: If you have not received this link/used the same email address please contact us.
  • Once your are logged into the virtual conference platform, please access the menu option called My Sessions/Presentations and continue with the steps explained here: HOW TO UPLOAD YOUR PRESENTATION

Technical guidelines for uploading your e-Poster

    • Format: e-Poster presentation files will be accepted in MS PowerPoint format or PDF. Macintosh presentations (i.e. Keynote) cannot be accommodated.
    • Versions: Your presentation can be prepared in MS PowerPoint and uploaded as a .pptx file or as a PDF file.
    • Please note that if you upload a PDF file it is not possible to insert audio to your e-Poster. Furthermore, the document will display zoom out and participants will need to zoom in to read your document. For this reason it is preferable if you submit an PowerPoint file.
    • Your PowerPoint presentation cannot exceed more than 5 slides with 5 minute audio commentary. See instructions below on how to add audio to your presentation (e.g., a possible presentation structure can be cover page, introduction, methods, results and conclusion).
    • File size: The file size of your e-Poster presentation should not exceed 500 MB.
    • Audio and movies: Make sure that all of your audios and videos are embedded into the power point file.
    • Fonts: Minimum recommended font size for easy viewing is 18 points. Do not use special fonts which are not part of the standard PowerPoint package, as this will cause problems while uploading your file.
    • File name: The name of the presentation file should include the presenter’s name and the presentation number. To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (e.g. «, Ö, Ø, ñ, ε, ®, ý, }, {, etc.) to name your presentation.
    • Do not use any passwords or encryption for your presentation.
    • Macros should not be used and flash-animations are not supported.
    • Aspect ratio of your PowerPoint presentation should be 16:9 landscape (mandatory).

Download a sample file here

Audio Commentary

To enhance and/or emphasize certain aspects of your work, an audio commentary can be added to your e-Poster (maximum length: 5 minutes). To include audio to your presentation, please follow these instructions:

  1. On a given slide, select in the tabs: Insert > Audio
  2. Select Record Audio
  3. Type in a name for your audio file, select Record, and then record the desired description of the slide.
    Important: Your device must have a microphone enabled in order to record audio. It is strongly advised to use a headset for the recording as the built-in microphone of your laptop may not provide sufficient quality.
  4. To review your recording, select Stop and then select Play
  5. Select Record to re‐record your clip, or select OK to use the recording
  6. To move your clip, select and drag the audio icon to an adequate area on the slide. (Note: If you are using one audio file for each slide, it is advisable to put the audio icon in the same spot on each slide to make it easy to find)
  7. Select Play to listen to your audio

Change Playback Options
Select the audio icon and then the Playback tab in the navigation menu of PowerPoint. Next, select which options you would like to use:

  • To trim the audio, select Trim Audio from the navigation menu and use the red and green sliders to trim the audio file accordingly.
  • To fade the audio recording in and out, modify the numbers in the Fade Duration boxes Fade In: and Fade Out:.
  • To adjust the volume, select Volume and then setting (Low, Medium, High or Mute) you prefer.
  • To choose how the audio file starts, click on the drop-down list of Start and select the following options:
    • Automatically – Starts automatically once you advance to the slide that the audio file is on.
  • To have the audio play continuously across all slides in the background, select Play in Background from the navigation menu of PowerPoint.


Note that your presentation will be converted to HTML5 making a download of the e-Poster impossible. But just like in a paper poster presentation, it is possible for the viewer to make photographs of your e-Poster. If you do not wish any scientific content of your presentation to be photographed, please indicate this on the according slide(s) in a clearly visible way.

Important Guidelines

  • In compliance with EACCME regulations, authors are requested to disclose possible conflicts of interest in their e-Poster.
  • When presenting data and health information (including photos) all presenters must have informed consent compliant with human subjects and applicable regulations, and comply with GDPR.
  • e-Posters should stimulate discussion, not be a long presentation. Therefore, keep text and audio to a necessary minimum, emphasize graphics and make sure every item is necessary.
  • Optional Materials: If you wish, you may include a QR code to a handout on the e-Poster .
Deadline: June 1, 2021
Access the Virtual Conference Platform
How to upload my presentation