These sessions will only be available on the virtual platform as on-demand sessions from the beginning of the conference until November 1, 2021.

On-demand | Concurrent Symposia S23-S24


S23.1  What, when, and whys of genome-wide association studies (GWAS)

Marika Kaakinen;
United Kingdom

S23.2  Considerations for genotyping, quality control, and imputation in GWAS

Ayse Demirkan;
The Netherlands

S23.3 Population structure, meta-analysis and trans-ethnic meta-analysis in GWAS

Reedik Mägi;


S24.1 Improving precision medicine for breast cancer in Africa

Jonine Figueroa;
United Kingdom

S24.2  Pediatric cancer/ Retinoblastoma management in Latinoamerica

Guillermo Luis Chantada

S24.3  Molecular profiling in cancer of African ancestry

John Carpen;
United States

On-demand | Workshops W19